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  1. Anonymous

    i dont know why guys like to spurt over the belly, i allways preferred to cum in the pussy, mouth or ass.

    ps: i think she is absofuckinglutly stunning

  2. Leave it in there

    Yeh the enclosed feeling of being in the chick is much more pleasurable when you’re spurting your semen

  3. Eric Trump

    Don’t like she appreciated him dumping his junk on her like that, he needs to satisfy the sexy wench

  4. Mike

    Funny, I’ve had that pic of her beautiful ass for quite a while. It’s nice to finally put a face to it…..actually, shouldn’t that be the other way around? Makes me sound so pervy…..

  5. TheProphet

    Small breasts, great ass, a shaved snap, smoking hot! And she let’s some goof dump his load on her stomach and chest. In my book, that load only goes three places : preferably internal (there’s just something about “owning” her forever when you flood her vaginal canal), secondly her mouth (because she likes acting like a slut), thirdly on her face (to show her she is a true whore)!

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